Zpráva CMZS pro ELF za rok 2015

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Zpráva CMZS pro ELF za rok 2015

Zpráva CMZS pro ELF za rok 2015 od Mistra Zahraniční sekce Ing.Ivo Buka.

National Report Czech Republic – Spring 2016

The situation on the Czech market is stabilized after the crisis years 2009-2014. The GBP slowly rises, the unemployment is getting lower. Althouhg the volume of construction business is falling down.

In MKS business we recognize higher demand on machanical systems in combination with mechatronics and electronic systems. But the most customers ask of course for the products of the cheeper and not too much secure level. And this is one of the topics of CMZS to direct the endcustomer to use exceptly the certificated and secure products in MKS.

As known, the CMZS cooperates in this way with the state authorities and certication bodies in Czechia within the own project Save Country. There were many presentations for the public, schools, regional authorities and municipial police.

In Czechia there are the MKS products certified not only following the EN 1303, resp. EN 1627, but also following the special standard of the National Security Authority (NBU), which includes among others also the testing of resistance against the bump key method. These certificates are obligatory for the MKS for state institutions but they are very often asked also from the private investors.

Actually the CMZS cooperates with the NBU on the changes of the NBU standards in the way to embody not only the results of the EN 1303 and EN 1627 and the bump key resitance tests but also to embody the safety of the key copy. That means the NBU certicate should contain also the information if the key ist patent protected.

The MKS is only than secure if the cylinder is resitant against mechanical attack and the key copy is under control.

The comitee of CMZS is hard working on the organisation of the ELF Convention in Prague in 2017. These activities are held in cooperation with the professional agency Guarant International. The Convention in Prague will be presented also during the Convention in Kobenhagen. Further information we will bring during the ELF Board meeting.

Ing. Ivo Buk - Foreign Affairs Department



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