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Country is safe, only if we ourselves feel safely.

Project targets:

  1. To explain and show the public how to protect and secure our flat, house or property correctly and effectively.
  2. To explain and show the public how to recognize the real elements of security creating and their right combinations in common life.
  3. To connect theoretical part of crime prevention with practical part and experiences of Mechanical Lock Systems Association – their members.

This project arises as a reaction on negative tendencies of the modern time. Today is almost rule to tell half-truths and wrong or confusing information to the public.

Today’s globalization and subsequent market unification brings many of information and products in the field of security protection. Citizen can easily make a mistake or become a victim of unfair trade tricks. You buy in bona fides some element of security for example. And you will find out even after, this protection is totally not effective. Our project is supporting a point which will serve to the public to gain all of necessary information in complete form without any room for mistakes.

To this day, similar information about security field was not provided in such a neutral and complete way by anyone else. In Czech Republic was created (partially) European standard No. 14-383 – crime prevention. This norm is almost unknown and this is another reason for this project. To teach the public to think about it in order to decrease criminal activities. People choose such security level, for their house, which is not effective, because they are often influenced by mistaken information. This is after-effect for increasing of criminal activities contrarily.

Mechanical Lock Systems Association has existed for more than 17 years. Our members represent united and qualified power, which decided to fight and contribute to better crime prevention, property and individual protection not only in Czech Republic. Experiences and skills made good use of our every single member. That is the value which is our Association bringing in this project.

Different kinds of unfair trade methods can easily trick you today. Various dealers, merchants desire to sell maximum of goods and nothing other. They can use every your weakness to force you something what does not solve your problem in fact! Full and correct information to everyone! This is mission of the project SAFE COUNTRY.


  • Ministry of the interior

    Ministry of the interior
  • Department of prevention

    Department of prevention
  • Czech chamber of commerce

    Czech chamber of commerce
  • Police of the Czech Republic

    Police of the Czech Republic
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