National Report Czech Republic 2012

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National Report Czech Republic 2012

National Report Czech Republic 2012

Czech Republic is one of the most developed and industrialized states of the earlier Communist Economies in Europe.

10,5 million citizens, Capitol Prague, Czech Crown

GDP in 2012 per capita is approx. 85 % of the EU average.

In Czech Republic there are about 500 locksmith companies, with the 124 members is the Czech Lock Systems Association (CMZS) the most important association in the region of Czech and Slovak republic.

By continuing crisis, construction declines by 6,5 % in 2012, which brings decrease on demand on new pojects and reconstructions (master key systems, door equipment, electronic acces control etc.), however, increase of crime supports demand on quality security solutions.

Twelve months before the Elections in 2014 we are awaiting supporting steps of the present Government in restarting the state investments moreover in construction branch.

In Czech Republic there are some especialities in the branch of mechanical locking systems:

The door equipment is proofed not only following the EN 1303, but even following the EN 1627 which is more hard. Before that, the door equipment can not be certified by the certifiing authority.

The bump key, an indestructive opening a cylinder method, should be proofed according to special rules of the National Security Institute (NBU). Only the certificates of the NBU together with the certificates according the EN 1627 are accepted from the state institutions and of the most of the private investors for a master key system.

Although, this is very hard to follow all these hard requirements on the product, this will eliminate the import of cheep price level products from „far of abroad“, which can not follow these.

And this is one of the main targets of the CMZS, too, that is in connection with its very well running project „Safe Country“. The project informs the consumer to buy only the certificated quality products in connection with an authorised service to get an unconditional security of himself and his property.

Ing. Ivo Buk - Chief of the Foreign Dept.


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