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Mechanical Lock Systems Association (CMZS) is a professional organization. We are keeping together all people – businessmen (individual or corporate persons) which are doing business in the fields of: keys manufacturing, mechanical inhibition devices assembling – lock systems.

Sphere of Association activities:

  • manufacturing
  • selling
  • assembling
  • repairing and adjustments of mechanical inhibition devices
  • key and opening service
  • technical training
  • consulting services
  • project SAFE COUNTRY

Mechanical Lock Systems Association was established in 1994 as organization (civil association), which has a few objetives. To keep together individuals or companies working in this field of industry and permanently build up their experiences. Association want to be expert guarantor for everyone – the public, citizen which can find, in our members, fully operational, skilled power to solve his problem.

Observation of all the Word trends, news by development of the modern life can takes a very much energy. This effort is better to share in team than like an individual. Therefore our Association want to be not only partner for every single member, but also stable platform and support and source of every available knowledge.

You can always find correct, full and relevant informations and solutions of all your requests or problems with our members.

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