2012: The Year of Great Success of CMZS

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2012: The Year of Great Success of CMZS

Everything what has been done in project Safe Country
2012: The Year of Great Success of CMZS
There was a lot of activities since the visit and introduction of the Czech Mechanical Lock Systems Association (further CMZS) at the ELF Convention in Lillehammer, Norway.

First, by a press conference of the Ministry of Interior and the CMZS in May the project Safe Country was succesfully started. As we informed in Lillehammer, the target of this project is to inform all the public about all the possibilities how to protect its/their properties by mechanical systems by the best way. How to recognize between the quality and certified products and the cheap level doubtfull products. How to choose the high level service offered by the members of CMZS. And in this way to bring more business oportunities and win to the members of CMZS, which provide the best quality and service.

In March the CMZS has participated as a partner at the most important security and safety fair  in Czech Republic Pragoalarm Fair in Prague. CMZS presented its activities together with the Ministry of Interior - Crime Prevention Department and the Municipal Police Prague on a largest stand of the fair (approx. 100 sqm), supported by the most important producers and suppliers on the Czech market (AA, KABA, EVVA, Tokoz, Rostex, SHERLOCK security doors, WINKHAUS, etc.)

Further activities were taken in direction cooperation with Municipal Police of all the 14 regional metropoles (population in CZ 10 Mio in 14 regions, Prague 1,2 Mio). There were held many common presentations for the public on the main squares with information panels and professional explaining  for example in Olomouc, Ostrava, Praha etc.

A promotion movie about the security philosophy (certified products) was made in cooperation with the police and the ministry (see enclosed).

There where many seminars about the problematic of crime and prevention and the President of CMZS informed about the activities of CMZS on the main TV chanels in prime time. The newspapers informed, too.

After very good experience and resonation of the Fair Pragoalarm we were presented in September on a similar fair at the Prague exhibition Fire and Security Days. This time was the exhibition stand organised as a  consulting centre for protection against crime, again supported by the main producers and suppliers.

In September the delegates of CMZS have visited the Security Fair in Essen. At this occasion, besides other things, the Interkey was contacted and there were positive discussions held.

As known, the CMZS is the most important association in the branch in Czech Republic (130 members of approx. 450 locksmiths and key services in CZ). The locksmiths of Slovak Republic will be offered to became a member of CMZS, as in the SK there is no similar branch association. For the SK locksmiths will bring the CMZS membership further benefits, the experiences from Czech wil be used in Slovakia, too. The activities in this direction were been already started.

About all the succesfull activities has informed the Board of CMZS the General meeting in November in Humpolec. The General Meeting supported the activities of the Board in all directions. Also the most of advertising materials, broschures, were taken by our members to their shops for their customers.
In December the CMZS has participated as a Mebmer of the Board at Advisory Board of the Ministry of the Interior - Crime Prevention Dept. There were presented all the successes and carried out events, fairs, semminars, exhibitions with police    depts,              in short - every thing what has been done in project Safe Country. Complete Advisory Board has evaluated our work and made an oficial statement about further support and patronage of our project by the Government, Ministry, Municipal and State Police, etc. This year will be in sign of the begining of using of registered trademark of the Safe Country on the certified products. More and more producers are interested of the possibility how to mark their products for customer´s better and simple orientation among all products. To easilly know which cylinder/door/key/etc. in certified, quality and comply their security requests (different kinds of protections...etc.). So as you can see, there is a lot of work and constant public education activities. Despite the fact that everything is very time-consuming and demanding, we are going to start with changes in Czech security market field by the right way. 

We are looking forward to this year convention at Madrid, Spain. We suppose, it will be wise and profitable to organize self-contained part of the convention, about all of our project Safe Country, it means not only for us as the promotion of our association, but mostly for other ELF members!

For spring 2013 we are planing a visit of Silca Italy for all interested members of the CMZS.


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